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I’m a husband and father, I love my music heavy, long walks in the mountains, cold weather, an icy cold beer with just about any form of sport, and I was just named as a finalist in the 2021 International Wedding Photographer of the Year awards.

My love for photography started 8 years ago when travelling the world with my darling other half. Iceland, Tokyo and Berlin are my happiest of places. While it was great to be shooting amazing landscapes and exploring wild new cities, one thing I loved aiming the lens at more, was people. 

When I got married, I had an out of body experience - I got lost in a daze if you will - where I sat back, took everything in and said to myself that this is what I want to do - I want to capture this same happiness and joy for others all over the world. 

While I’m based in Camden NSW, nowhere is too far - no elopement to small, no wedding to big and no destination is off the cards
(well, anything off this beautiful island I call home is, but only until Covid-19 takes a well needed vacation). For now, anywhere within unrestricted Australia, I’m right there with you! 

So don’t be shy! Jump into my emails or give me a call, because I want to hear all about your plans to get hitched. The more information the better - tell me how you met your partner and when you knew they were the one - because I want to capture you both on the most love-filled day of your lives. 

- James 

A little about me.

my Process

I whole heartedly believe that when shooting anything intimate (weddings, elopements, families), access to the client beforehand is so important. In order for me to document real moments and real emotion, allowing you to be your most relaxed self is the greatest thing to be apart of! Meeting you and your loved ones before a booking makes documenting your connection even more fun, meaningful and memorable.

I get it - not everyone is comfortable being themselves around a stranger let alone one with a camera - so how do we fix this...

First contact - no (unfortunately) not with extraterrestrials and (fortunately) not with an automated email response. With me, I’ll initially answer any questions you have via email or phone call.

Then if you like what I have to offer, we can meet up for a coffee, beer, a hike. Face to face is always preferable, but via zoom from home works as well! This is where I want to get to know you - how your day was, how you met, how the planning is going, the music you’re into, who’s the bed hog, who’s ordering the next round of beers?
It’s informal and as casual as can be, so by the end I get to know you and you get to know me. Any other important people involved I encourage to come and join in as well. Mum, dad, friends, dogs - everyone’s welcome!

So, the day has rolled around and we’ve shared some time together, I’ve checked in along the way - when I come knocking on the door, nobody has to feel awkward like “who is the random tattooed bloke with a camera watching me get ready”.
Gaining that little bit of access into your world before your wedding let’s me shoot your day with you feeling comfortable, happy and most importantly - being yourself 

Having already met before your day, you can trust I will capture the important details, big and small, that are special to you. 


I will always scout separate locations a short distance from your venue. Getting that initial alone time with each other for photos shortly after you've said I DO, will help you absorb the moment you just shared with your family and friends. YOU JUST GOT MARRIED!


Before your wedding day arrives, my goal is to have met with you once (either face to face or Zoom), so I can really understand your vision. It's also much nicer for you to know my face before I start pointing a lens in yours! 


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